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Why Choose Safari?


For over 20 years, SAFARI owners have counted on their SAFARI Helicopter to take them to their next adventure.

Choosing which helicopter to own is an important decision. At SAFARI we want you to have the information you need to make a decision you will be happy with for many years.

Important SAFARI features to consider:

  • 180 HP Lycoming or Superior aircraft engine.
  • Oil bath geared transmission with shaft driven tail rotor gearbox
  • Chip detectors in both transmissions
  • Titanium spindles and transmission shafts
  • Sprag over-running clutch
  • 4130 Chromoloy steel aircraft tubing airframe
  • Aluminum sheet metal cabin
  • Titanium tail rotor blades
  • Comfortable wide and high cabin interior, with 270 degree unobstructed view through a certified Bell 47 bubble
  • Corrosion protection from harsh environments
  • Year round flying from -35° F to +100° F
  • Dual controls, doors, and cabin heat
  • Extended maintenance schedule and low hourly operating costs
  • Solid design proven over many years of heavy use
  • Engine/ Rotor speed governor
  • Electric Cyclic Trim
  • Collective Friction
  • 650 Pounds Useful Load
  • Powder coated frame