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Upgrades and Changes to Safari

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SAFARI 400 Rotor Head Comparison

                                                                                            UPGRADES MASTER LIST

Date DWG Modification / Description Purpose Identifying Information
March-93 41 Shear Line on Titanium Driveshaft Safety Change to titanium (non-magnetic) driveshaft with shear line to shear under thrust bearing, allowing autorotation in the event of transmission failure
March-93 15 Titanium Tail Rotor Spindle Safety Change to titanium (non-magnetic) spindle for added strength, with modificaiton of spindle size
March-93 33 Delrin Delta Pin Bushings Durability Change from brass to synthetic material for greater durability and no maintenance
April-93 2″ Main Transmission Gears Safety Increased gear width identified by a 1/2″ spacer between the transmission housing
September-93 58 Main Transmission Case Modified Main transmission case modified to accommodate larger gears
October-93 Chip Detectors Safety Located in bottom of main transmission and tail rotor gearbox, provides early warning of bearing or gear failure
June-94 Cargo Hook Performance Welded plate on bottom of frame just forward of engine can be used to mount additional equipment
July-94 25 Titanium Main Rotor Spindle Durability Change to titanium (non-magnetic) spindle for added strength and corrosion protection
July-94 35 Wider Main Rotor Head Box Durability Increased stability and strength
October-94 Heavy Cooling Fan Durability Increased fan material thickness from .075″ to .104″ to prevent fan cracking when installing 160 hp engine
November-94 19 Welded Stainless Steel Tail Rotor Blades Production Identified by absence of rivets
December-94 Tail Boom Hoop Gussets Safety Gussets added where tailboom hoop connects at tail rotor gearbox to reduce risk of cracking at this critical location
February-95 Main Transmission Sight Glass Maintainability / Safety Improved pre-flight
May-95 28 Gallon Fuel Tanks Performance Increased range from increase of tank diameter from 12″ to 14″
June-95 Fuel Tank Cross Brace Vibration Brace between mount straps steadies larger tanks to reduce amplification of vibration
December-95 22 Tail Rotor Balance Disc Maintainability For use in mounting balance weight
September-96 Composite Main Rotor Blades Production / Performance White blades mounted with metal straps improve flight performance-curved tips
October-96 Taper Roller Bearing on Pinion Durability Visible only in dismantled transmission, upgrade to more durable bearing is recommended during service
July-97 Roller Bearing on Top Pinion and Bottom Bull Gears Durability Visible only in dismantled transmission, upgrade to more durable bearing is recommended during service
August-97 Taper Roller Bearing in Tail Rotor Grips Performance / Durability More durable bearings reduce pedal force.  Identify by moving tail rotor blades in and out by hand-only aligned with centrifugal force, if grips move in relation to spindle, these bearings have been installed
September-97 43 Main Rotor Swash Driver Production / possible Performance Identified by pitch links from rotating swashplate attached directly to pitch arms on head-cleaner design is grease free
October-97 35 Wider Main Rotor Head Box Durability Increased from 2″ to 2-1/4″ to allow proper alignment
December-97 Re-Design Main Rotor Head Vibration Identified by lack of bar and weights attached chord-wise on main rotor head
January-98 6 Shorten Tail Rotor Output Shaft Vibration / Durability Shortened and changed to titanium (non-magnetic)-easier tail rotor balance and elimination of failure-prone threaded rods on pitch links
February-98 Push-Pull Cable on Tail Rotor Maintainability / Safety Single tail rotor control cable is easier to rig and exerts better control in the event of a bent tail boom than the earlier cables, which could go slack in that situation
March-98 28 Main Rotor Pitch Arms Pivoted Up 35 Degrees Vibration Measured with blades at flat pitch, this change corrected the geometry of the head to reduce vibration
June-98 8 Delrin Tail Rotor Slider Sleeve Maintainability / Safety Grease free and cleaner, this upgrade is identified by lack of grease fitting on tail rotor swashplate
November-98 56 Machined Pylon Production / possible Performance Machined, rather than cast, pylon corrects geometry of transmission mount and eliminates one link in pitch control
May-99 Input/Output Housing Seal Production / Maintainability Identified by seal riding on shaft instead of tail rotor star coupling-reduced chance of leaks
June-99 Divots in Main Rotor Grip, Left Hand Rod Ends Maintainability / Safety Identified by left hand rod ends on main rotor pitch links and half moon cutouts on pitch arm opposite the pinch bolt-the arm is keyed to grip with ball bearing-easier to set tracking and elimination of risk of pitch arm slippage
November-99 Name Change Market Helicopter brand name changed from “Baby Bell” to “Safari”
January-00 EliminateThrottle Swivel Performance Removal of throttle swivel and lengthening throttle link results in better correlation
February-00 Shorter Tail Rotor Pedals Comfort Pedal height reduced from 8″ to 6″ to increase comfort
March-00 Strengthened Tail Boom Durability Two lower front mount tubes increased from 5/8″ to 3/4″
March-00 Tail Boom Longeron Strengthened Durability/Vibration Tail boom longeron tubing size increased to 3/4 inch
April-00 Large Oil Return Durability / Safety 1-1/2″ hose draining oil from engine to dry sump to speed drainage, reducing chance of pump sucking air and oil foaming-results in more consistent oil pressure
May-00 Oil in Main Rotor Grips Vibration Indicated by 2 bolts safety-wired together on main rotor grip instead of grease nipple-grips turn easier with less vibration
June-00 Bottom Mount Tail Rotor Gearbox Maintainability Mounting changed from back to bottom mounting-easier removal and replacement of gearbox
July-00 Removable Walking Beams Maintainability / Vibration Walking beams mounted on rod ends allow replacment when worn-slop in this area increases vibration
August-00 Fuel Tank Sediment Bowl Safety Indicated by small bowl welded where Curtis drain mounts-reduces chance of fuel contamination
February-01 RPM Warning Horns Safety Aids in RPM .management by increasing pilot awareness of engine/rotor speed
March-01 47 Mast Tube Vibration / Safety Heavier mast tube is attached to transmission housing with bolts rather than castle nuts-increased RPM safe range
March-01 35 Shorter Main Rotor Head Box & Yoke Vibration Main rotor head box reduced from 3-1/2″ height to 2-1/2″ to correct geometry of head for reduced vibration
April-01 Straight Pitch Control Tube Durability /Possible Performance Replacement of walking beams with straight steel control tubes, eliminating 2 connections-more positive control and less vibration
May-01 28 Main Rotor Pitch Arms Pivoted Up 21 Degrees Vibration Measured with blades at flat pitch-required by change in head box (see March 2001)-less vibration
January-02 Main Rotor Blade Ends Performance Main rotor blade design changed to square tip
December-04 Main Rotor Blades Performance Lengthened main rotor blades to 12′
January-06 Aluminum Control Tubes Safety Replaced aluminum control tubes with 5/8″ x .065″ 4130 tubing
March-06 Collective Spring Strengthened Safety Doubled collective spring for redundancy
February-07 23 Tail Rotor Weight Spacers Production Changed to purchased stainless steel spacers
December-07 58 Transmission Housing Castings Qaulity Castings checked by X-ray for voids
January-08 1 Tail Rotor Gear Box, Swash Bearing Hsg & Spider Qualtiy Casting of A356 heat treated to T6
March-09 Floorboard Material Performance Reduced thickness of floorboard material from .125″ to .063″
May-09 Wiring Harness Manufacturing Routed,coded wiring harness and instructions included with kit
June-09 36 Steel Yoke Caps Safety Upgraded yoke caps from aluminum to nickel plated steel
August-09 Modified Collective Spring Safety Collective spring doubled for redundancy
August-09 Cabin Frame Performance Additional cross brace in cabin frame floorboard, cabin side walls
August-09 Ballast Performance Ballast relocated from skid mount to inside front cabin mount
August-09 10 Tail Rotor Swash Bearing Cap Production Changed from 4130N plate to 304 stainless steel plate – no plating necessary
September-09 Tail Rotor Gearbox Bridle Safety Included tabs on frame to bolt on a retaining bracket of cut 4130 plate for added security of tail rotor gear box
October-09 Improved Temporary Magnetic Plugs Safety Replaced two piece magnetic tail rotor and main transmission plugs with 1 piece design
October-09 Engine Cooling Shroud Safety Rear engine shroud modified for increased control rod clearance
December-09 Engine Oil Cooler Quality/Performance Oil cooler upgraded to custom high performance cooler
December-09 Chip Detectors Quality Changed from steel to brass body
December-09 Removable Cyclic Stick Safety Added option of removable cyclic stick on passenger side for comfort/safety
January-10 Main Rotor Blades Safety/Quality Revised manufacturing procedures to standardize blades
February-10 Main Transmission Shaft Sleeve & Rubber Seal Safety/Maintainability “Speedy Sleeve” and rubber seal installed on main transmission shaft to prevent scarring from seal on shaft
February-10 Engine Balancing Performance Engine balance before transmission installation on all flight ready helicopters
February-10 Starter Performance/Maintenance Upgraded to SkyTec 149 starter with clutch to eliminate broken starter housing from “kick back” on failed starts
March-10 Instrument Pod Performance Instrument enclosure changed from fiberglass to composite material
March-10 Fuel Tank Drain Valves Maintenance Upgraded fuel tank drain valves
March-10 Yoke Cap Bolts Safety Yoke cap bolts replaced with A286 200K psi tensile strength bolts
March-10 Fuel Line Hose Safety Replaced fuel line hose with static conducting hose to divert static from tanks to frame
April-10 43 Swash Driver Quality Material change to 2024-T351
May-10 Carb/Cabin Heat Arms Quality Included machined carburetor mixture arm and carburetor/cabin heat bell crank arm in kits
July-10 29 Main Rotor Head Box Quality/Vibration Material change to 7075-T6, machining tolerances changed
September-10 Oil Pressure Sending Unit Safety Upgraded to 250 psi rated oil pressure switch/sending unit
November-10 28 Main Rotor Pitch Arms Milled Safety/Quality Pitch arms changed from cast/machined to billet/machined 2024-T351 aluminum
December-10 52 Swashplate Spider Quality Material change from casting to 2024-T351 billet/2 piece design
March-11 Fuselage Frames Quality/Maintainability Fuselage frames cleaned, primed, and powder coated before shipping
March-11 25 Main Rotor Spindle Safety/Quality Main rotor spindle manufacturing changed from outside vendor to in-house production
March-11 25 Main Rotor Spindle Safety/Quality Spindle material specifications standardized, materials/part tracing established, tolerances reduced, radius increased
March-11 56 Mast Pylon Material change to 2024-T351 Billet,aft thickness, radius
April-11 Collective Friction Lock Safety/Performance Collective friction system made standard
April-11 Exhaust Vibration Dampener Maintenance Incorporated a wire rope vibration dampener into exhaust installation
May-11 Safari 400 Main Rotor Head Upgrade Safety/Quality/Maintainability More robust main rotor spindle, pitch arms, grips, nuts and bearings to reduce vibration, increase bearing life
May-11 38 Lead/Lag Adjuster Plates Maintainability Permanent lead/lag adjustment fixture incorporated in blade plates
May-11 Engine/Rotor Speed Governor Safety/Performance Proprietary engine/rotor speed governor with increase/decrease capability made standard equipment
May-11 19 Titanium Tail Rotor Blades Safety/Performance/Maintenance Replaced stainless steel tail rotor blades with titanium blades of same design/less weight
May-11 37/38 Main Rotor Blade Plates Quality Change laser cut to water jet cut to reduce possible embrittlement from heat
May-11 Curved Cyclic Sticks Performance/Comfort Changed to nickel plated cyclic sticks curved away from seat front to prevent interference
May-11 Canvas Bubble Cover Included with Kit or Flight Ready – embroidered with logo, registration number, builder name
June-11 Cyclic Electric Trim Safety/Performance Proprietary cyclic electric trim made standard
August-11 Solenoid Board Material Safety Solenoid board material changed to fireproof fiberglass
August-11 35 Head Angle Plates Material change to 304 stainless steel angle
September-11 37/38 Main Rotor Blade Plates Quality Change corrosion treatment to yellow zinc/baked
September-11 47 Mast Tube Material size increased, tolerances changed to match transmission top housing
October-11 15 Tail Rotor Spindle Safety/Quality Tail rotor spindle manufacturing changed from outside vendor to in-house production
October-11 15 Tail Rotor Spindle Material/Tolerances/Radius Safety/Quality Spindle material specifications standardized, materials/part tracing established, tolerances reduced, radius increased
January-12 Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust Maintenance/Performance Exhaust outsourced to custom header shop for improved quality, performance and durability
January-12 5 Input/Output Shaft Quality Length of center section changed .01 and radius changed, tolerances reduced
January-12 41 Main Transmission Shaft Quality/Safety Revised manufacturing/tolerances/material requirements
January-12 53 Swash Spherical Bearing Machining revised
February-12 Tail Rotor Rod Ends Maintenance Changed tail rotor rod ends to increase useful life
April-12 Tail Boom Replaced lower legs, longeron, and cross braces of tail boom with larger tubing for strength and vibration
June-12 Tail Boom Strengthened Safety/Performance Lower struts lengthened, lower longeron and struts tubing size increased from 3/4″ to 1″
June-12 29 Main Rotor Head Box Qualtiy Changed from 6061-T6 to 7075-T6 and reduced tolerances
July-12 36 Yoke Caps Revised manufacturing to improve symmetry
August-12 Voltage Regulator Performance
August-12 46 Mast Bearing Housing Tolerances revised to match mast tube
September-12 7 Tail Rotor Gears Quality Reduced machining tolerances
October-12 30 Main Rotor Head Teeter Pin Quality/Vibration Revised profile, reduced tolerances, revised material requirements
November-12 Rudder Pedals Quality Machined rudder pedals included with kit
January-13 Fuselage Frame Safety/Quality Fuselage frames pressure tested before powder coating to facilitate future testing for structural integrity
February-13 77 Clutch Shoe Radius & Weight Safety Clutch shoe weight increased and radius increased to match drum radius
March-13 Cabin Frame Tubing Machined Profiles Manufacturing/Quality Hand fitted cabin frame tubing replaced with machine profiled tubing
March-13 Fuel Tanks Manufacturing Fuel tank fittings relocated to make tanks interchangable left/right
March-13 6 Tail Rotor Output Shaft Upgraded material and reduced tolerances, revised QC process
March-13 40 Main Transmission Yoke Quality/Vibration Revised manufacturing/tolerances for symmetry and alignment
April-13 Cabin Frame Jigs Manufacturiing/Quality Hand fitted welding jigs for cabin frame replaced with machined, precision jigs
April-13 1 Tail Rotor Gearbox Quality/Maintainability Revised manufacturing procedure to standardize and correct angles
May-13 Transmission Over-running Sprag Upgraded Safety/Maintainability Sprag replaced with more robust, higher torque sprag, and corresponding inner and outer races
May-13 Tail Rotor Rod Ends Maintainability Changed tail rotor rod ends to increase useful life
June-13 9 Tail Rotor Lock Nuts Quality Changed from 6061-T6 to 2024-T351
June-13 Machined Valve Covers Bling Machined/branded engine valve covers included in Kits and Flight Ready
June-13 1 Tail Rotor Gearbox Cast gearbox machining revised for symmetry and angle, revised tolerances
August-13 51 Swash Bearing Housing Material change from casting to 2024-T351 billet