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Agricultural Spraying


Priced at $4,850.00


The system carries a 28 gallon tank, runs on a Honda WX10 gas motor and has a boom width of 25 feet. This allows the spray boom to do spot as well as field spraying. With modest adjustments the design will fit many helicopter designs.


Max. Spray Tip: 5 Gal/Acre, 75 Acre/Hr 28 US Gallon Capacity Tank
Med. Spray Tip: 2 Gal/Acre, 125 Acre/Hr Remote Control Electric Valve
Min. Spray Tip: .4 Gal/Acre, 200 Acre/Hr Lightweight 4 stroke 25 cc Pump Engine
Rotor Downwash Spreads Spray Pattern out to 40 Feet Pump is Self Priming, 37 gpm Flow
Acre/Hr is calculated using 2.5 min refilling time and 30 seconds (1/2 mile) flight to and from field
60 MPH while spraying
25 Feet of Spray Boom
Modular Construction for Easy Storage
Installs in Less Than 15 Minutes
Built-In Agitator System