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    Bill Johnson

    My name is Bill Johnson. I am very excited to finally have a forum to share information regarding the ships we fly. I will start off by introducing myself. I built and fly N911EL and have about 170 hrs on it to date. I learned to fly in the ship and actually got my rating in it. I am a fairly high time fixed wing pilot and fly a Cessna 441 and 421. My primary business is oil and gas exploration and production. My education is Chemical/Petroleum Engineering. I was a certified welder and own several machine tools.

    Areas of interest for the Safari include trying to get the CHTs lower (hopefully the new Superior Manifold will help) and balancing. I have been fortunate to have one of the owners of Dyna Vibe spend quite a bit of time on balancing my ship. I believe that we have come up with a better and simpler method of balancing. There is a brief description on my build site.

    If you have any questions regarding balancing let’s talk about it here.


    Mick Vontour

    My name is Mick VonTour. I own a 2013 Safari 400 delivered in November of 2013 by Bobby Baker. I love to fly as I have two fix wing airplanes and now the Safari. I use one of my planes in my business. I am the National Sales Manager for G.A.P. Roofing, Inc. We manufacture underlayment’s for the roofing industry. With four plants and also the paper mill, I travel just about each week. I do however own 1954 Cessna skywagon 180. I fly each year in June up to Johnson Creek, ID to camp out and fly the back country air strips. I use my Safari 400 for pleasure and also use it to help Texas Equui-Search find and locate missing people. More recently, I have used my Safari 400 to help with the floods in the Houston area and the area where I live, which is Magnolia, TX. I keep my helicopter at the airport in Conroe, TX but I also land it at the house and use it to fly out to lunch some days or just plain fly it for fun. I have been flying for 38 years but only received my helicopter rating in the summer of 2006. I got the bug and can’t seem to get rid of that bug. I chose my Safari because of the structural build, integrity and the Lycoming 0-360 reliable engine. I believe in what Bobby and Delane Baker are building and representing in the aviation community. Yes, I have had some problems with my chopper but Bobby and Delane have been very good about taking care of the issues. Megan, Delane, Shaun and Bobby have all taken my calls and worked with me to feel safe and secure in my Safari. In choosing the Safari, I wanted a machine that I could land on a trailer, strap it down, clamp the blades and be gone in about 15 minutes. I also wanted a company that would fix problems, take my suggestions and work with me. The Safari people have done what I asked. I love the machine and love to fly it. It gives me so much pleasure to get in and fly away to a restaurant. I only have a couple hundred hours in helicopters but I hope to fix that deficiency as time goes on.


    Chris Graf

    My name is Chris Graf and I have built my Safari 400 from 2009 until last year.
    I am flying as an airline captain with Emirates Airlines on the Airbus A-380.
    The Safari is my first and only personal aircraft and because I am the first Safari builder in Switzerland I have to be very patient with the registration process to get the flight approval. So far almost one year in the process and still no permit 🙁
    Hopefully the authorities will soon approve it in order to start with the flight tests.
    It’s very frustrating to have a 100% completed ship in the hangar and only be able to run the engine from time to time but keep it on the ground….
    I am looking forward to read and share a lot of experiences with all the owners worldwide in this forum.


    Stephane Luchini

    Hi guys,

    I am 37 and with my father we bought a Safari 6 month ago. We are both helicopter pilot, my father flew 35 years in the French army and I flew 10 years. Now I am flying only long line and fire fighting on AS350, EC 225 and Bell 212.
    We hope to do the first fly with our Safari at the end if this summer, if we don’t have too many problem during the track and balance…
    We cross fingers…;-)
    Very happy to share with all of you guys !


    Stephane Luchini

    Sorry, I forgot to give you my name, I am Stephane Luchini, for the south west of France…😉


    Tom Heinrichs

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Tom Heinrichs and have owned a Safari for four years now. It took me about ten years of investigation before I decided on a Safari. I looked into several brands but after extensive research I came to the conclusion that Safari was the best choice. I was looking for a small two place helicopter that was safe, low cost in maintenance and purchasing. Another item that was important to me were the company reputation and helpfulness of the people that owned and worked at the company. After much time spent investigating it was obvious that Safari by far was the best for me.
    I purchased a Safari that was certified in 2002 and had low hours on it. I knew that I wanted to upgrade the helicopter to the most current upgrades that I could and that is what I have been doing since I purchased it. With much help from the factory and the previous company owner I am completely happy with My Safari. The people at Safari have been great to work with and been supportive throughout all of the upgrades that I have done.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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