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Baby Belle Takes On New Name – Safari

For the past eight years, the kit building community has enjoyed seeing, talking about and building the Baby Belle, a design that goes back to 1953 when the original design was introduced as the Helicom kit helicopter. Later, the design changed and became the Commuter IIB. The third generation came out in 1992 and by public demand, called it the Baby Belle.

 The name and reputation of the Baby Belle has grown every year, winning several home building awards along the way. Unfortunately, it was recently challenged by Bell Helicopter, demanding royalty compensation for the closeness of our kit name to their corporate name. After several communiqués, we decided that the licensing requirements of Bell would increase the cost of the kit. The reputation of the kit will survive a name change and we are proud to introduce the Safari Two Place Kit Helicopter, as the new name. Already, changes have been made to advertising plates, promotional material and our website. And, in the near future we will introduce an updated video featuring the Safari name.

Safari Receives Airworthiness Certification In Canada

Canadian Home Rotors, manufacturers of the award winning Safari Helicopter Kit, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Canadian Certification of Airworthiness, pursuant to CAR 507.03. This means that the type evaluation of the Safari amateur-built helicopter has been completed in accordance with the requirements of Airworthiness Manual Advisory (AMA) 549.201, dated November 5, 1990.

Canadian Home Rotors Inc.