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SAFARI Helicopter Acquired by CHR International Inc.

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SAFARI Helicopter Acquired by CHR International Inc.

MARIANNA, FLORIDA  USA   August 18, 2009 – CHR International Inc., a US corporation previously involved in aviation, announces the acquisition of SAFARI Helicopter.  The SAFARI is an “Experimental” class helicopter sold Flight Ready or as a Kit for homebuilding.  Formerly called a “Baby Belle”, it bears a striking resemblance to a Bell 47.

Murray Sweet, one of the original developers of the SAFARI, will remain involved with the new company as a technical consultant, as will other long time members of the SAFARI team. The owners of CHR International Inc., Bobby and Delane Baker, anticipate providing the support that SAFARI owners expect through the development of a worldwide dealer network, including North America.

“Having worked with SAFARI for some time, we appreciate the quality and durability of the helicopter.  SAFARI owners are our most valuable resource, and we look to them for ideas for continual improvement of the SAFARI.  We have also reduced the dealership requirements in most parts of the world to increase sales and provide local support to owners and builders”, states Delane Baker.

For additional information about the SAFARI visit, call 850.482.4141, email, or write SAFARI Helicopter, PO Box 1546, Marianna, Florida  32447  USA.

Safari Dealer for Australia and New Zealand

CHR, manufacturers of the award winning Safari Helicopter Kit, is pleased to announce the appointment of Bruce Belfield as the Safari Dealer for Australia. Bruce has been the Dealer for New Zealand for several years and has been successful at guiding many builders through the building stages with the Safari. He is one of the most successful dealers to date, and sets the pace for others to follow. Throughout the years Bruce has assisted the Safari designers with carefully reasoned changes to enhance the performance of the Safari.

Bruce won the 2002 Air New Zealand Grand Champion Trophy as well as the award for Best Plans Built Aircraft. To contact Bruce, visit our website at and look under “Dealers”





PHONE: 64-7-871-5699
MOBILE: 64-27-696-5159

COPA covers Canadian Safaris


The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) is now accepting Group Aviation Insurance applications for amateur built helicopter aircraft, in Canada. Brochures on how to apply are available through the COPA website.
COPA’s insurance is available to Canadian residents who are paid up COPA members.

COPA offers Work-In-Progress, Liability and Not-In-Motion insurance for amateur-built helicopters. It does not offer In-Motion insurance for these craft. Note that blades turning constitutes In-Motion.

The liability insurance is for the individual pilot. If there are multiple pilots then there needs to be multiple policies.

For additional information, click on the COPA icon below.


Safari Extended Blades

Canadian Home Rotors Inc. (CHR), manufacturers of the multi award winning Safari Helicopter Kit, are pleased to announce another enhancement to their growing list. The main rotor blades for the Safari Helicopter kit will be three inches longer, each. This means that the safari will be capable of lifting an additional 43 pounds of weight, with no requirement for additional power.

This change adds to their earlier improvement of changing from swept-tip blades to square-tipped blades, making tracking of the blades far easier. And this extension of the blades has added to the Safari’s auto-rotation performance. These improvements are exactly the kind that helicopter enthusiasts strive to achieve, being able to enhance performance to increase the safety margin. Safari maintains its industry leading edge with continual effort directed
at building a better kit, for safer flying.

Spray System

Canadian Home Rotors Inc., manufacturers of the multi award winning Safari helicopter kit, have just added to their ever-expanding inventory of items that allow the Safari Helicopter Kit to be used around the world. Earlier this year CHR announced the availability of pontoons for the Safari. Reaction was immediate. Enthusiasts working or playing near and on water were the first to respond.

Last year, we introduced heliport trailers. And builders requiring helicopter transportation greeted the design and availability of the trailer enthusiastically. Now we are expanding our flexibility to include a spray system. The system carries a 30 gallon tank, runs on a Honda WX10 gas motor and has a boom width of 25 feet. This allows the spray boom to do spot as well as field spraying. With modest adjustments the design will fit many helicopter designs.

For more information on the Safari and the new spray system, contact CHR by phone at 1-850-482-4141


Safari – Slovenia Approval

Canadian Home Rotors Inc., manufacturers of the multi award winning Safari helicopter kit, is pleased to announce a triple set of new flight airworthiness certifications. CHR has been approved for flight in Sweden, Germany and Slovenia. They will be the 4th, 5th and 6th new countries to see the Safari flying this year.

The ever-present conscientiousness of the Safari designers offers the finest helicopter kit available. Continuing enhancements with many advancements suggested by our builders, will continue to increase the popularity of this craft.

For information on the Safari, contact Canadian Home Rotors on the web at or by phone at 1-807-222-2474.

Gary Assels

General Manager

Canadian Home Rotors Inc.

Safari – France Approval

Canadian Home Rotors Inc., manufacturers on the multi-award winning Safari helicopter kit, is now approved for flying in France. The CHR Dealer in France, LOCAFLY INC., has been working on the approval for over a year. The eligibility of this kit is now recognized by the Ministry of Civil Aviation for France.

 Contact with LOCAFLY for information can be done through phone at 33-1-39-87-06-11 or through their website & email at For other locations, contact Canadian Home Rotors Inc. in Canada at 807-222-2474 or on the web at

Gary Assels

General Manager

Canadian Home Rotors Inc.

Safari – South Africa Approval

Canadian Home Rotors Inc., manufacturers on the multi award winning Safari helicopter kit, is pleased to announce the opening of a new dealership in South Africa. Vic Venter, South African businessman and well-known flyer, will be opening his dealership in Alberton, SA, close to Johannesburg. Vic has many years in the flying industry both as a pilot and manufacturer. The first two Safari Kits are already in South Africa and Vic expects to have them flying by this summer.

Watch for more, as new dealerships are announced around the world, and visit our website at

Gary Assels

General Manager
Canadian Home Rotors Inc.