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Airworthiness Forms

AM Built Inspection Checklist


You can reserve the Registration Number of your choice on the FAA Website at this link:  Registration Number Reservation  It costs $10, and you can search through available numbers and choose one you like.

New Aircraft Registration-AWorthinessChecklist (it’s not as bad as it looks!)

Required for FAA Registration:

*N number assignment letter if a number was reserved – ReservedNAssignment

*Original FAA multi-part Application for Registration Form 8050-1 – handwritten  **printed name below signature **  **This one has to be the FAA form – no substitutions.  The pink copy is your temporary registration until you get the Registration card back from the FAA.**

*Affadavit of Ownership Form 8050-88 NOTARIZED – send the original to the FAA  R-AffidavitofOwnershipAmBltAircraft

*Kit Bill of Sale from manufacturer – must be original, will be recorded and returned to you from the FAA

*LLC Statement if registering the helicopter in the name of your LLC LLC Statement FORM

*Copy of LLC filing with Secretary of State  – get this from your attorney or from the Secretary of State’s website

If you are registering the helicopter in a corporate name, the FAA doesn’t seem to require anything special except a copy of the Articles of Incorporation from the Secretary of State website.

Send all this to the FAA for registration or to a title company if you waited until the last minute.  For $100-$125, the title company will walk it through in about 3 days.  You can find lots of them online. When the temporary registration is issued, your Airworthiness Certificate can be issued.  Until you have a copy of the temporary registration, you can’t get an Airworthiness Certificate.

Required for Airworthiness Certificate:

*Power of Attorney if builder will not be present at Airworthiness inspection – forms have to be signed in the presence of the DAR.  R-POWER OF ATTORNEY

*Eligibility Statement Form 8130-12 NOTARIZED R-EligibilityStmtAmBltAircraft

*Weight & Balance – Must have make, model, serial number on form  – these worksheets are in the Owner’s Download area of the site

*3 View – Must have make, model, serial number on form  – this art is in the Owner’s Download area of the site

*Application for Airworthiness Form 8130-6 – fill out Part I, Part II – B, 4, 2, Part III – A, C3, D – nothing else on this form – email to DAR – he will complete and bring to inspection (at least ours does)  R-ApplicationforAWCertificate

*Engine certification document if new engine – Important – if you have a new engine, you can ask for 25 hour Phase I Operating Limitations.  A used engine will require 40 hours.

*Copy of builder’s Driver License

*Construction prints from which you assembled the helicopter, along with a builder’s log.  This is very important if you intend to apply for your Repairman Certificate.

*Engine log book with entry for installation of engine

*Aircraft log book with entry for weight and balance, installation of engine, etc.  We recommend that you ask your DAR for the format of these entries – every DAR has his own ideas.

*Pilots Operating Handbook specific to your helicopter – a sample is available in the Owner’s Download area of the site

Ask your DAR to provide information about the specific things he will be looking for when he inspects the helicopter – labels, placards, etc. Even though they all work for the FAA, every DAR has different requirements.